Greeting Card Stash & Storage

Greeting cards are one of my favorite pieces of mail to receive, and I come from a family that sends greeting cards for just about everything.

Is it Valentine’s Day? You’re getting a card. Easter? Card. Anniversary? Card. Feeling sick? Card. It’s your birthday? Lots of cards.

I love to be on the receiving end of this, but have historically fallen short of the card-sending standard much of my family has set. 

It’s not that I forget birthdays or anniversaries. It’s that by the time your birthday/anniversary is on the horizon, I still have to select the perfect card, decide if I’m going to be the cool aunt who throws in a couple bucks, locate the stamps (and possibly go buy more).

By the time I’ve done all of this, your special day has come and gone and I feel more uncomfortable sending a card two weeks late than not sending one at all.

Greeting Cards from Trader Joe's

BUT. After taking a good long look at the problem, I decided to start a card stash. That way, I wouldn’t have to do a special trip to the store just for a card (which is slightly more difficult these days with an infant in tow), or stand in the card aisle trying to remember all of the cards I needed to get (this has also become more difficult). 

So, I drove myself to Trader Joe’s and started my stash.

Trader Joe's Greeting Cards

If you have never checked out Trader Joe’s card selection, I highly recommend it. They are 99 cents each – and not like the cheap 99 cent cards at most card-selling stores – They are really high quality and a good size. I’ve noticed TJ’s also changes their inventory frequently, so every time I’m there I make sure to check out the new selections!

Next up was a storage system. Knowing myself, if the cards aren’t easy to find, I’m going to forget to use them and go back to my totally inefficient card buying habits.

Organizing Greeting Cards

I found this card storage box at Michaels. (Amazon has a similar one). I love that it has dividers, and that the box is clear, so I can easily see what categories need replenished.

How To Organize Cards

Next, I needed to label the dividers. I created a document with common card categories (which you can download here), and printed it out on sticker paper. 

Box for Organizing Greeting Cards

My box has 6 dividers, so I chose the 6 categories I use most in my current life stage (Birthday, Wedding + Anniversary, Sympathy + Get Well, Holiday, Baby, and Thank You). The remaining labels are kept in an envelope in the box, so I can change them out if I want to in the future.

Stamps are also kept in this envelope, so I have everything I need all in one spot. I might start keeping some 1 dollar bills in there too, because, you know, I want to be the cool aunt.

Greeting Card Stash & Storage

I really enjoy a good storage solution, and am especially excited about this one! If you already have a stash, or are going to start one and need to get it organized, you can download the printable category labels here!

Don’t live near a Trader Joe’s (I get it, I didn’t used to!) here are my other favorite places to shop for greeting cards:

  • World Market: A surprisingly good selection, and lots of funny/slightly odd ones!
  • Target: Definitely more expensive, unless you’re in the 99 cent section. They have several aisles dedicated to greeting cards, so you can find a card for just about anything there. This is my go-to place for very specific cards (graduation, Halloween, etc.).
  • Hobby Lobby: Did you know they had cards here? I only recently discovered this, and it is great! A really good place if you’re looking for religious cards.

Greeting Card Stash

Are you a greeting card enthusiast? Tell me your favorite places to buy your cards!


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