Introducing: Coffee Dates

Introducing: Coffee Dates

I’m a fan of general catch-up posts. I think they are some of the most fun to read, and also serve an important purpose of being a landing spot for relevant topics that maybe don’t fit neatly into the regular posts about food and home on here. Or even just being a place where all of the catch-up topics scattered throughout posts are all in one place.

I’m dubbing these posts coffee dates, because coffee dates are my personal favorite way to get caught up with people. I’m planning on doing them four times a year (spring/summer/fall/winter), because I’m just not exciting enough to do them monthly, and I operate seasonally so that seems like the most natural way for me to do them.

There will be a number of recurring topics (apartment things/Virginia is for lovers/what we’re watching/looking ahead/new mom stuff/oh baby/just for fun/beauty/unpopular opinions), as well as the general here’s-what-you-need-to-know-about-my-life-right-now included in all productive coffee dates.

Introducing: Coffee Dates

And yes, drinking coffee while reading is highly encouraged. (Or hot chocolate or tea or whatever your warm beverage of choice is.)


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