Furniture Shopping on Craigslist and How to Strike Gold

When faced with the task of furnishing a new home quickly and inexpensively, Craigslist is time and again the place I’ve turned to to get the job done. Furnishing a home is expensive! And having furniture that is the right size/scale/style for your home is IMPORTANT. It serves big practical and aesthetic functions. I love […]

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Making My Summer Dreams Come True: Outdoor Party String Lights Edition

I had high hopes for our backyard going into the summertime. I was feeling like we had missed out on an entire season of backyard fun last year, since we were busy with a newborn and then with moving. So I was determined to make up for it this year. I largely abandoned working on […]

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A Potted Herb Garden

I am no master gardener. I like to see myself as playing the long game to a flourishing vegetable and flower garden in a picturesque greenhouse in our one-day backyard. But for now, we are renting. And while I usually don’t let my renter-status stop me from doing things, cultivating a full-fledged garden does toe […]

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Summer 2019 Coffee Date

What are you doing today? Drinking coffee with me and dishing about stuff? GOOD! If you’re new here, this is a seasonal post where I tell you all the things I need to tell you that haven’t come up in our regularly scheduled food/home posts. Like we’re real-life friends getting coffee together and catching up. […]

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Installing Baby Gates on a Railing

How to install baby gates at the top of the stairs when there’s only one wall. An affordable, easy method for installing baby gates on a railing or spindle.

I’m just going to warn you that this post will appeal to approximately 3% of regular readers, but is also a post I wish I had been able to find on the internet a month ago. BABY GATES. They’re not pretty. They’re not a fun baby purchase. They weren’t covered in our childbirth class, so […]

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