Finishing the IKEA Tarva Dresser with Polyurethane

IKEA tarva dresser with poly

I had been on the hunt for a large piece of multifunctional storage furniture for our entryway. We have a long wall that’s by the front door, the front closet, and the dining table, so we needed something that could serve both as a buffet and a basic entry console. I shopped all of my […]

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Replacing Cabinet Hardware (plus some non-expensive hardware options)

New hardware I think is MVP for making the biggest difference in a kitchen or piece of furniture in the least amount of time.  Changing out hardware is a go-to for me in rental kitchens/bathrooms, and also in furniture that needs an update! It has a huge impact on overall look.  Plus, I feel like […]

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Furniture Shopping on Craigslist and How to Strike Gold

When faced with the task of furnishing a new home quickly and inexpensively, Craigslist is time and again the place I’ve turned to to get the job done. Furnishing a home is expensive! And having furniture that is the right size/scale/style for your home is IMPORTANT. It serves big practical and aesthetic functions. I love […]

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Making My Summer Dreams Come True: Outdoor Party String Lights Edition

I had high hopes for our backyard going into the summertime. I was feeling like we had missed out on an entire season of backyard fun last year, since we were busy with a newborn and then with moving. So I was determined to make up for it this year. I largely abandoned working on […]

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Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

When we came to check out the duplex, I saw the kitchen cabinets and in my intensive visual scanning for all things on my wish list, they just read as white cabinets. This was a win! I checked it off the mental list and moved along. But then we arrived with all of our boxes […]

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Replacing the Towel Bar

I find towel bars to be 100% pointless and 100% infuriating. Were I to be commissioned by the towel bar association to coin a slogan for the towel bar, it would be as follows: Towel bars: where you put your towel if you want it to take up a ton of space and stay wet […]

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The Duplex!

We are back in Michigan! We’ve been chipping away at the unpacking and getting settled, which is feeling like it will take a thousand years with a mobile baby, but in the meantime, come take a look around our newest rental! This is a duplex, which technically I guess our last rental was, too, but […]

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Rental Shopping

I think looking for rentals is super fun. There’s no pressure to know how many bedrooms you’ll need in 10 years, or if you can live with those small closets for the long haul. Renting is a low-commitment way to try out different layouts and set ups and appliances to get a really good idea […]

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The Nursery!

Soft Neutral Nursery

I am sort of hesitant to keep calling this room “the nursery” because when I think of nurseries I think of squishy swaddled newborns and not rambunctious baby boys who can do things like scoot around and get into things. But I’m going to do it anyway! Why are we just now finishing the nursery? […]

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A Rug for the Living Room

modern living room with brick mantel

THERE’S A RUG IN THE LIVING ROOM! Playtime with Baby has been transformed. My fears of baby splinters and coldness have been quelled. The coffee table is back. The living room that once looked like a hodge podge of unanchored furniture now is starting to come together. I am pretty sure I have looked at […]

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