Winter Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Plate of winter salad

Come mid-January, I’m hankering for a good salad. I love my roasts, chilis, and casseroles as much as the next Midwestern gal, but I crave the crisp green goodness that only a big plate of salad can give me. Enter: Winter Salad. All of winter’s bounty tossed in a warm bacon vinaigrette and topped with the […]

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Charred Brussels Sprouts

Charred Brussels sprouts

Before we got married, I used to tell Josh that if I could change one thing about him, I would make him like Brussels sprouts. At this point in my life, I was a newly-discovered Brussels sprout lover and he was a lifelong Brussels sprout hater. This was our greatest source of conflict (not really), and […]

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Chicken, Bacon, Goat Cheese Pasta with Rosemary & Charred Brussels Sprouts

Creamy goat cheese pasta with charred Brussels sprouts

We’re going there. You know those cold, winter nights where all you want is a bowl of comfort food? I’m going to suggest this pasta. Penne in a creamy, bacony, goat cheesy sauce with chicken and rosemary, all topped with shaved parmesan and crispy shredded Brussels sprouts. The secret of the perfectly silky, creamy sauce? […]

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Fall Hash with Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprout, and Sausage

Before we go full steam ahead into winter foods, here is a last hurrah for fall: the ultimate fall hash. Pan-crisped sweet potato cubes with charred Brussels sprouts and diced red onion, all cooked together in rendered sausage fat, and topped with perfectly baked eggs. With simple, affordable ingredients, a quick prep-time, and an ultra-delicious result, hash has […]

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