Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love a soft, classic chocolate chip cookie, these are for you! I am quite sure that the sentence “these cookies have too much vanilla and are GROSS” has never been uttered in the whole of human history.  The limits of this theory were put to the test in this recipe, where the secret […]

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World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, you read that title right. These are the best chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for the better part of my life. It’s proven to be more difficult than finding a well-fitting pair of jeans, or even car shopping. But these cookies win the prize! Here is […]

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Oatmeal Scotchie Bars

Chilled oatmeal scotchie bars stacked

Sometimes I think that dessert is pointless if it doesn’t involve chocolate. Then I remember that such a thing as butterscotch exists. If you like regular oatmeal scotchie cookies, these bars might just become your next go-to. They are soft and chewy, dense and oaty (but not so oaty that you feel like you’re eating a […]

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