Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

When we came to check out the duplex, I saw the kitchen cabinets and in my intensive visual scanning for all things on my wish list, they just read as white cabinets. This was a win! I checked it off the mental list and moved along. But then we arrived with all of our boxes […]

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Installing Baby Gates on a Railing

How to install baby gates at the top of the stairs when there’s only one wall. An affordable, easy method for installing baby gates on a railing or spindle.

I’m just going to warn you that this post will appeal to approximately 3% of regular readers, but is also a post I wish I had been able to find on the internet a month ago. BABY GATES. They’re not pretty. They’re not a fun baby purchase. They weren’t covered in our childbirth class, so […]

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DIY Nursery Wall Art

DIY Nursery Wall Art to Cover Fuse Box

The alternate title for this post is: I FINALLY BESTED THE FUSE BOX. If you’re unfamiliar with the feud the fuse box and I have been having, let me quickly catch you up: There is a fuse box in Baby’s room. I was perhaps unreasonably annoyed by this. Smack dab in plain view of what […]

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Holiday Stove Top Potpourri

Cinnamon Cranberry and Orange Stove Top Potpourri

One of my very favorite things about the holiday season is all of the SMELLS. I know I’m not alone in this because I have wandered down Target’s candle aisle, and as much as Target gets me, I know they don’t stock their shelves with all of the pine and cedar and balsam and mulling spice […]

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A Guide to Cheese Boards

Assembling a Cheese Board

It’s the time of year for parties and potlucks and gatherings, which, of course, means that cheese boards abound.  I flock to cheese boards whenever they are available. It is my firmly held belief that all occasions are appropriate for a cheese board.  I love that they are easy to prepare ahead of time, people […]

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Greeting Card Stash & Storage

Greeting cards are one of my favorite pieces of mail to receive, and I come from a family that sends greeting cards for just about everything. Is it Valentine’s Day? You’re getting a card. Easter? Card. Anniversary? Card. Feeling sick? Card. It’s your birthday? Lots of cards. I love to be on the receiving end […]

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Fall Mantel

Whie Pumpkin Fall Decor

Can we talk about when it’s acceptable to pull out fall decorations? The popular opinions seem to be:  after Labor Day once the weather starts to feel like fall when the calendar says it’s fall when college football starts when Starbucks starts selling the PSL again after October 1st when the leaves start to change […]

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3 Easy Fall Tablescapes

fall centerpiece

Because fall is a time for gathering, here are three easy table ideas to gather your loved ones around. 1. Neutral Fall Minimalistic, neutral, natural, rustic. Think white pumpkins and lush greenery, with lots of browns and natural tones. Linen Napkin, White Pitcher, Leaf Napkin Ring, White Votives, Wood Place Card Holder, Placemat Yep, use your pitcher as your centerpiece. […]

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Chairs for the Kitchen Table

We totally lucked out and got a table and four chairs from my brother and sister-in-law (read all about it here!). It’s the perfect size/shape/color to go in our kitchen. Both the chairs and table needed some TLC, which I was especially excited about because I love fixing up furniture (or at least I tell […]

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