Chairs for the Kitchen Table

We totally lucked out and got a table and four chairs from my brother and sister-in-law (read all about it here!). It’s the perfect size/shape/color to go in our kitchen. Both the chairs and table needed some TLC, which I was especially excited about because I love fixing up furniture (or at least I tell […]

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Finding a Kitchen Table

The day we moved into our house, I knew right away that I wanted to get a table for the kitchen. This little set up with the window and the tiniest of built-ins was just BEGGING to be turned into a cozy eating/reading/coffee drinking nook. Step one to creating this type of nook is, of course, […]

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Sugar Hand & Body Scrub

Sugar scrub in jar

This post contains affiliate links. Every year, I get something which I have (not-so-fondly) dubbed November Hands. Come November 1, without fail, my hands get exceedingly chapped. My fingers crack, and my cuticles turn leathery and peel. I’m pretty sure in a world with no calendars, I would be able to tell when November began based solely on […]

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Cast Iron Salt Scrub

When I first got into cast iron, I was under the impression that it was the most laid-back, easygoing of all cookware. Then I looked into the proper method of cleaning cast iron and was met with all sorts of outlandish and impractical rituals – throwing your skillet into a fire, dousing it in oven […]

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DIY Christmas Candle Ring

Christmas candle ring with white candle

I did it! I made it until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. This feels like a win to me. You see, I’m the type that likes to hold off on all things Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Husband, however, thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for Christmas celebrations to begin in October. This is a major point of disagreement […]

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