Croque Monsieur Casserole

Croque monsieur is your humble ham and cheese sandwich slathered in cheese sauce and baked until hot and golden and bubbly. This is them in casserole form for ease of making ahead and feeding a crowd. These are good for brunches or lunches or dinners. You could even make them happen for breakfasts, if you […]

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Weeknight Cassoulet

Shortcut Cassoulet Recipe

I should confess that I’ve never had actual cassoulet. I did live in France, but all that really means here is that I can spell “cassoulet” without having to look up “how to spell cassoulet”. Traditional cassoulet has been on my bucket list of things to make for many, many years now.  My knowledge of […]

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French Apple Tart

Simple Apple Tart Recipe

I had always assumed fruit tarts were hard to make because they look so fancy, until I tried making one and learned that, actually, they’re about as simple as a homemade dessert can get.  The ratio of effort to fanciness here is definitely favorable.  Apple tarts are easier to make than apple pies and – […]

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