Foolproof Fruit Salad

Foolproof Fruit Salad | How to make fruit salad with lots of fruit options! An easy and customizable fruit salad recipe that’s perfect for parties and crowds.

Fruit salad is a good thing to have around, but being put in charge of fruit salad for a crowd can be a daunting task. How much do you make? What do you put in it? Can you make it ahead? So if ever you’re in charge of making a fruit salad, this guide has […]

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Strawberry Crumble Bars

THESE BARS! They are life-changing. Sweet and jammy and crumbly. And also really easy to make! I first had a similar bar at a class we were taking at our church. I spent the majority of the time before and after class standing over the pan, and I do not exaggerate when I say I […]

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Holiday Party Punch

Cranberry and Ginger Ale Party Punch

Is there anything more festive than a punch bowl full of sparkling holiday punch?? After last week’s boozy sangria, I thought it would be good to also have a kid-friendly, crowd-pleasing, all-purpose punch recipe. This punch is sweet – but not too sweet, fruity from cranberry and pineapple juices, and gets a little bit of […]

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Rosé Sangria

We got snowed in last weekend and RAN OUT OF RED WINE. What a predicament. All the comfort food eating and board game playing that heavy snow fall invites just feel so unceremonious without a glass of wine. But! Fortunately I had a couple of bottles of rosé left over from this past summer, AKA […]

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French Apple Tart

Simple Apple Tart Recipe

I had always assumed fruit tarts were hard to make because they look so fancy, until I tried making one and learned that, actually, they’re about as simple as a homemade dessert can get.  The ratio of effort to fanciness here is definitely favorable.  Apple tarts are easier to make than apple pies and – […]

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Mini Lemon Tarts

Lemon Tartletts with Sugar Cookie Crust

These just might be the cutest of all cute desserts in the world.  Tarts are already one of the all-time cutest desserts, but make them tiny and pop a little raspberry on top and it’s almost too much. And EVEN BETTER NEWS: They’re so easy to make. Want to see the cast of characters for […]

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Creamy Brown Sugar Apple Dip

I think my doctor would be very pleased with the number of apples I eat when this dip is around. Maybe not so pleased that my ratio of apple slices : tablespoons of creamy, sugary dip is approximately 1 : 1, but fruit is fruit, am I right? This is by far my favorite thing […]

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Baked Applesauce

Homemade Applesauce Recipe

Applesauce is a food that is so infinitely better when it’s homemade, that it almost feels like it should have a different name than the store-bought stuff. Perfectly sweet, cinnamony, chunky, and best served warm – straight from the oven. I love to bake applesauce because it is so much less fussy than stovetop applesauce: […]

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Quick & Easy Banana Bread

Truth time: I only like bananas in candy form (because Laffy Taffy counts as a banana, right?) or in banana bread. There is something about the texture of a banana that is just a NO for me. Every couple years, I force myself to eat one, thinking, “I’m an adult, I need to like bananas, […]

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Blueberry Bread with Lemon Curd

Okay, so between strawberry shortcake, strawberry salsa, and now this blueberry bread, I think it’s clear that I’m fangirling over summer fruit. But there are worse things to fangirl over, right?? And look at this loaf. There is something magical that happens to blueberries once they’re baked. Sure, fresh ones start out plump and flavorful and delicious, […]

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