Cajun Chicken Pasta

Ooh, Cajun chicken pasta. For years I’ve been trying to get it just right. Experimenting with spice mixtures, picking a side in the tomatoes vs. no tomatoes debate, figuring out the best way to get the most luxurious, creamiest sauce, and finally, I did it: A Cajun chicken pasta that is perfectly spicy, creamy, and chalked […]

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Homemade Boursin

I’d like to introduce to you my new favorite thing. Homemade Boursin. It’s the easiest, quickest, most crowd-pleasing appetizer I’ve ever made. Perfect for holidays, parties, and any kind of get-together where food is appreciated. Boursin has serious fans. And for good reason. It’s a mild, soft cheese with all the herby, garlicy goodness you’ve […]

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Baked Falafel Salad with Lemon-Yogurt Dressing

I have a major crush on falafel. It’s the cutest food around. It’s fun to eat, it’s fun to say, and it’s healthy! I could probably eat falafel twice a week and still crave it. The only problem with this is that Husband doesn’t share my love for falafel. So, when I was in a steady […]

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