Mother’s Day Gifts for $25 and Under

Mother’s Day is coming fast! Here are some gift ideas to celebrate the moms in your life. All for $25 and under, and all available on Amazon Prime. Because two day shipping is getting us all through life, am I right? (Two day shipping, and moms.) FYI: This blog participates in Amazon Affiliates as a […]

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We’re Moving (again)

We’re headed back to Michigan! Our old stomping grounds! We did not anticipate moving, and definitely not so soon. Everything just sort of fell into place and it’s happening and happening fast! There is a moving truck coming to our apartment in THREE WEEKS. Cue panicked packing. Moving is always a little bittersweet. We will […]

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The 11 Best Board Games for Two People

Best Games for Date Night

I got married straight out of college. And I mean straight out. As in, I walked down the aisle the same month I graduated from college. We waste no time here.  Since we were young and married and didn’t have much in the way of discretionary income, game night was our go-to date night. A […]

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15 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman (and 7 You Definitely Should!)

15 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

There are a lot of amazing things about being pregnant: Baby kicks; the best hair days of your life; the surreal feeling of growing a human person. There are also some not-so-amazing things. The top of this list for me is all of the comments.  Nothing invites family, coworkers, friends, even complete strangers, to comment […]

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Plans for the Nursery

gender neutral nursery

Things are moving along in the unpacking-and-getting-settled world over here, and we’re finally at a point where we can start thinking about fun things. AKA, the nursery! I have been DYING to put together a nursery pretty much from the minute I saw two lines on that test. We didn’t have a nursery in our […]

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Fall 2018 Coffee Date


Welcome to the Fall 2018 installment of the Coffee Date series! This is a landing spot for relevant topics that maybe don’t fit neatly into the regular posts about food and home on here, and a place where you can find lots of what’s going on with us in one post. See here to get the […]

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