Our Most-Loved Baby Products (Birth to 6 Months)

Must-Have Baby Products (Birth to 6 Months)

First of all, I just want to say that I CANNOT BELIEVE our baby is closer to being a year than to being born. How?? Second of all, I have worked with a lot of babies in my day, from my neighborhood babysitting monopoly in high school, to a brief stint as a nanny post-college. […]

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15 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman (and 7 You Definitely Should!)

15 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

There are a lot of amazing things about being pregnant: Baby kicks; the best hair days of your life; the surreal feeling of growing a human person. There are also some not-so-amazing things. The top of this list for me is all of the comments.  Nothing invites family, coworkers, friends, even complete strangers, to comment […]

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Plans for the Nursery

gender neutral nursery

Things are moving along in the unpacking-and-getting-settled world over here, and we’re finally at a point where we can start thinking about fun things. AKA, the nursery! I have been DYING to put together a nursery pretty much from the minute I saw two lines on that test. We didn’t have a nursery in our […]

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Fall 2018 Coffee Date


Welcome to the Fall 2018 installment of the Coffee Date series! This is a landing spot for relevant topics that maybe don’t fit neatly into the regular posts about food and home on here, and a place where you can find lots of what’s going on with us in one post. See here to get the […]

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Life Update

Big things happened this summer. HUSBAND GRADUATED To kick things off, Husband graduated law school! Yay! So exciting! I still can’t believe that phase of our life is over. He started when we had been married a mere two months, and three years later at his graduation, we were expecting our first baby. Life, it […]

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Armed with the knowledge that we would be moving within the first 8 weeks of our baby’s life, we chose to forego a nursery. Instead, we decided the best course of action was to have all of Baby’s stuff (and oh boy, do they have a lot of stuff!) in our room.  After a couple […]

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The Tiniest Big News

Yes, a baby! Sorry, I’ll use caps… WE ARE HAVING A BABY! We are excited and nervous and anxious and crazy about our little nugget already. And! Already in the third trimester! Yes, we are getting close to meeting Baby J. For a quick catch-up, here’s a break down of the pregnancy so far, and […]

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