Basil Cream Sauce

For as much as I love every individual ingredient in pesto, combine them all together and it is just a BIG swing and a miss for me. I’m pretty sure it’s a texture thing. I want it to be creamy! but it is always sort of gritty and I don’t want grit on my pasta. […]

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One Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta

One pot pastas became all the rage a few summers ago after this recipe came out, and I have to say that I am INTO it. One of my least favorite kitchen tasks is draining pasta. It’s a heavy pot that’s awkward to carry and is also full of boiling water. The likelihood of a […]

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Baked Spaghetti

Homemade Baked Spaghetti

Baked spaghetti! It’s like lasagna in taste and ingredients and ability to feed a crowd, but a whole lot easier in the assembling/eating department. Like lasagna, baked spaghetti is a layered casserole-type dish. You start with cooked spaghetti noodles mixed with parmesan and egg and butter, some doctored-up spaghetti sauce, ricotta cheese, and a whole […]

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Creamy mac & cheese

Mac & cheese is a staple dinner in our house. Not only for the obvious reason of it being possibly the most delicious food of all time, but also because we seem to always have some variety of mac & cheese ingredients on hand, making it the perfect we-don’t-want-to-grocery-shop-but-are-out-of-food dinner. (You know what I’m talking […]

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Cajun Chicken Pasta

Ooh, Cajun chicken pasta. For years I’ve been trying to get it┬ájust right. Experimenting with spice mixtures, picking a side in the tomatoes vs. no tomatoes debate, figuring out the best way to get the most luxurious, creamiest sauce, and finally, I did it: A Cajun chicken pasta that is perfectly spicy, creamy, and chalked […]

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Chicken, Bacon, Goat Cheese Pasta with Rosemary & Charred Brussels Sprouts

Creamy goat cheese pasta with charred Brussels sprouts

We’re going there. You know those cold, winter nights where all you want is a bowl of comfort food? I’m going to suggest this pasta. Penne in a creamy, bacony, goat cheesy sauce with chicken and rosemary, all topped with shaved parmesan and crispy shredded Brussels sprouts. The secret of the perfectly silky, creamy sauce? […]

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