Instant Pot White Rice

BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL ARE DYING TO KNOW HOW THINGS ARE GOING WITH MY INSTANT POT. I’ve made rice. Which I realize has got to be the least impressive Instant Pot food, but I am in no way exaggerating when I say it is THE BEST rice. And is very good for easy meal […]

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Jerk Chicken Bowls

Jerk Chicken Rice Bowl

I get food cravings. The mood will strike and I won’t want to do anything until I eat a jalapeño chip or a clementine or drink a chocolate milkshake. It’s like I’m Stanley from The Office and every day of my life is Pretzel Day. Except instead of pretzels it’s just whatever I’m in the mood […]

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Chicken Bog

Chicken Bog - One Dish Chicken and Rice

This is a comfort food meal that is also a one-dish dinner, so is a WIN on all counts in my book. If the name of this recipe has you wondering, “since when can you eat a bog?”, I really don’t know. Southern Living says this is called a bog. And bog feels mysteriously Southern […]

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Curried Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Current favorite soup alert! It’s got a spicy curry kick, while still being a comforting, rice-filled, chicken broth-based soup. And I love it. I can’t stop making it. This soup calls for Rice-a-Roni. This is not a product that I had ever purchased prior to making this soup.  I went to the grocery store without […]

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Baked Brown Rice

For such a seemingly simple staple of cuisines around the world, rice is surprisingly difficult to get just right. If you are like me and have endured countless dinners accompanied by rice that’s too mushy, too dry, too sticky, or too wet, this method is for you! I’m a firm believer that rice should be […]

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