Veggie Cream Cheese

Veggie Cream Cheese | An easy recipe for homemade garden veggie cream cheese! This spread is so simple to make - just combine lots of diced vegetables and cream cheese for a healthy schemer that’s chock full of veggies!

I am convinced that a warm bagel with a thick schmear of cream cheese is one of the greater luxuries in life. I have yet to have a bad cream cheese, but the veggie variety has always been a favorite of mine. I am liking this homemade veggie cream cheese as an easy way to […]

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Charred Brussels Sprouts

Charred Brussels sprouts

Before we got married, I used to tell Josh that if I could change one thing about him, I would make him like Brussels sprouts. At this point in my life, I was a newly-discovered Brussels sprout lover and he was a lifelong Brussels sprout hater. This was our greatest source of conflict (not really), and […]

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