Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies | Homemade sandwich cookies for true chocolate lovers! Velvety malted chocolate + cream cheese filling gets sandwiched between two chewy chocolate cookies for a rich, super chocolatey cookie.

I need to tell you that I majorly fangirled Martha Stewart as a kid. I was crushed when she went to prison. CRUSHED. She debuted these cookies in 2001, and as a 9-year-old who lived for chocolate and baking and all things Martha Stewart, I immediately latched on. Baking and eating these with my aunts […]

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The Duplex!

We are back in Michigan! We’ve been chipping away at the unpacking and getting settled, which is feeling like it will take a thousand years with a mobile baby, but in the meantime, come take a look around our newest rental! This is a duplex, which technically I guess our last rental was, too, but […]

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Black Bean Tostadas

Black Bean Tacos | An easy, healthy, vegetarian tostada that’s perfect for Meatless Monday and will get you geared up for Taco Tuesday. Smashed black beans and cheese get baked on a corn tortilla, then slathered in sour cream and topped with homemade corn salsa.

Whew! It makes for a whirlwind when the Derby and Cinco de Mayo fall on the same weekend. We had lots of activities and the Derby! Did you watch? It was the most exciting I have ever seen! I’ve decided that we need to have Derby parties in future years and also to always make […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts for $25 and Under

Mother’s Day is coming fast! Here are some gift ideas to celebrate the moms in your life. All for $25 and under, and all available on Amazon Prime. Because two day shipping is getting us all through life, am I right? (Two day shipping, and moms.) FYI: This blog participates in Amazon Affiliates as a […]

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Veggie Cream Cheese

Veggie Cream Cheese | An easy recipe for homemade garden veggie cream cheese! This spread is so simple to make - just combine lots of diced vegetables and cream cheese for a healthy schemer that’s chock full of veggies!

I am convinced that a warm bagel with a thick schmear of cream cheese is one of the greater luxuries in life. I have yet to have a bad cream cheese, but the veggie variety has always been a favorite of mine. I am liking this homemade veggie cream cheese as an easy way to […]

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Goodbye, Apartment

We are fully out of our apartment and in Michigan with all of our boxed-up belongings, rolled-up rugs, and furniture looking for where it will go in our new home. Moving is proving to me once again that there is nothing quite like leaving a place to make you fond of it. Our last week […]

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French Toast Casserole

French Toast Casserole | An easy, make-ahead French Toast Bake! All the best cinnamon and vanilla flavors of classic French toast in casserole form. Can be baked immediately or left overnight to soak. Bake this up for a low-stress way to make a French toast breakfast or brunch for a crowd!

Here, my love for French toast continues with this easy, make-ahead French toast casserole! I need to tell you that I used to take a strongly anti-French toast casserole stance. What I like most about French toast is its crispy exterior. If you also feel this way about French toast, you should know that French […]

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Foolproof Fruit Salad

Foolproof Fruit Salad | How to make fruit salad with lots of fruit options! An easy and customizable fruit salad recipe that’s perfect for parties and crowds.

Fruit salad is a good thing to have around, but being put in charge of fruit salad for a crowd can be a daunting task. How much do you make? What do you put in it? Can you make it ahead? So if ever you’re in charge of making a fruit salad, this guide has […]

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Instant Pot White Rice

BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL ARE DYING TO KNOW HOW THINGS ARE GOING WITH MY INSTANT POT. I’ve made rice. Which I realize has got to be the least impressive Instant Pot food, but I am in no way exaggerating when I say it is THE BEST rice. And is very good for easy meal […]

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Spring 2019 Coffee Date

It’s time for more coffee. Always more coffee! Welcome to the spring 2019 installment of the coffee date series! This is where I dish about lots of different topics that probably don’t need their own post but I want to tell you about anyway. All while drinking coffee! Drinking coffee while reading is also strongly […]

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