Hi and welcome!

This humble little site is where I share my favorite things in life – cozifying the home and feeding my people good food.

But let’s be real. I am a young person with nothing close to a Pinterest living room budget. I’m still trying to figure out how this whole making-your-space-your-own thing works, and my method is always trial and error. This blog is where I share what works (and sometimes what doesn’t). It’s is a wallet-friendly, imperfection-embracing place. So, if you are wanting to ditch picture-perfect for the sweetness of a lived-in, worn-in home that you love, then you’re in the right place.

And let’s talk about food. Always with the food. Because it’s my love language. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s yours too. Home cooking is the most essential part of homemaking to me. So yeah, there is lots of food here. Like, regular food. That’s budget friendly. And uses ingredients that you can get at your regular grocery store; simple and delicious is my aim.


Oh, did you come here to learn about me?

There’s a pretty good chance I’m eating ice cream right now. Preferably in milkshake form.

Me and an ice cream cone

I’m Mandy. Midwesterner, clean kitchen-destroyer, furniture-rehabber, newlywed, cat owner, homebody for life.

I think it’s acceptable to drink coffee till dinner and my ideal day is spent entirely in slippers.


Welcome to this blog — It makes my day that you stopped by! Please, make yourself at home.

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