I’m Mandy. 

I like bourbon and babies and a good pair of jeans.

And food! I love food. So much so, that I make a point to eat it every day.

Are you the same way? I’m guessing you are. 

And do you love making food? If so, you’re in the right place. I like tasting and trying and totally geeking out over things like my dream-consistency mac & cheese and how to make perfect brown rice.

If you’re not so into cooking, well, that totally stinks because you will probably need to do it anyway if you’re going to keep up that daily eating habit. But you’re in the right place too because the food here is generally pretty easy. (Try these spruced-up boxed brownies or these pumpkin muffins.)

But anyway, enough about you! You might be on this page to learn more about me, so I’ll get back to that:

I met my husband in college in Michigan and we got married right after graduating. His name is Josh, but I usually refer to him as “Husband” around here. He did the grad school thing, and I did the 9-5 grown-up job thing for a few years. 

And then I got pregnant and he graduated and we had a baby and moved to Virginia and we’re doing that thing I said I’d never do again (living in an apartment). 

Now he has the 9-5 grown-up job, and I get to spend my days getting as many baby giggles as I can and ensuring that Husband never comes home to a clean kitchen.

I should also tell you that we have two cats. Though you probably already know this because they are frequently seen photo bombing.

Exhibit A:


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I would love to have you follow along as I get our apartment just how we want it, do married life with a baby in the mix, and keep eating good food!

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