Hi, I’m Mandy.

I’m 26 and live in Michigan with my husband, Josh, our super squishy baby, and our two cats who we’re fairly certain are clinically insane. We are serial renters, currently living in our fourth.

This blog started as a creative outlet for me in 2016, and is now read by thousands of people all over the world. Here, you’ll find lots of food (my first and forever love), renter- and budget-friendly home decor, and a scattering of other hospitality-oriented topics.

This is me being hand-fed a Panera pickle on my wedding day.

What I think about food: I like food. All food. Fancy steak dinners and Taco Bell nacho fries, alike. I think they all have their place.

(Seafood is the exception. Land meat only please, that sea stuff best keep its distance.)

I think food should nourish you and the people at your table body and soul. I love the communal nature of food, and I share my favorite recipes here. Most are simple dishes I make for my family on a regular basis. Every now and then I throw in more celebratory fare just to keep you on your toes, and because food is such a good way to celebrate!

What I think about home: You can make your home anywhere, without spending a small fortune. Even if you’re a renter, or in temporary housing, your home should serve you. I am not about holding out for the dream house. Go plant that garden you want and hang those pictures you like. Your current home really can be your dream home!

I am so excited you’re here. Make yourself at home. Have a look around. Make some food. Leave me some comments. Stay a while.

Disclaimer: This blog started as a hobby and has since become a source of income for me. I participate in several affiliate programs as a means for revenue. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliates help keep this content free, and help me continue to do what I love!


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