We’re Moving (again)

We’re headed back to Michigan! Our old stomping grounds!

We did not anticipate moving, and definitely not so soon. Everything just sort of fell into place and it’s happening and happening fast! There is a moving truck coming to our apartment in THREE WEEKS. Cue panicked packing.

Moving is always a little bittersweet. We will miss all the good Virginia restaurants and breweries, and the mountains and being close to family. (These are not listed in order of importance. I feel like I should point that out.)

But mostly we’re excited. It feels like we’re going home. Snow! Friends! Not worrying about hurricanes! Our church! Getting places without Google Maps! (Also not in order of importance.)

If you had told me last April that we would have a baby, pack up our house, move to Virginia, live there for 9 months, get packed up again to move back to Michigan all within a year, I would have laughed in your face so much and then taken a nap because just the thought of that makes me tired.

But it’s happening! We’re so excited and so regretting disposing of all our moving boxes from last August.

See you soon, Michigan!


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