Spring 2019 Coffee Date

It’s time for more coffee. Always more coffee!

Welcome to the spring 2019 installment of the coffee date series! This is where I dish about lots of different topics that probably don’t need their own post but I want to tell you about anyway. All while drinking coffee! Drinking coffee while reading is also strongly encouraged. You know, like a coffee date!

So grab a drink, settle in, and let’s dish!

Apartment things – There is a moving truck coming in 5 days! Everything is currently being packed. This has definitely been the place we’ve put the most work into having look nice/be the way we want and I’m realizing it’s so worth it! There was a time I thought anything more than hanging a couple pictures was a waste of time in a rental because we would just be moving, but we’ve enjoyed it so much while we’ve lived here! And also it isn’t that much more work to undo and pack. The ante will likely be upped in our next place!

Virginia is for lovers – We are busy trying to fit in all of our favorite Virginia things before heading north. Which mostly means breweries and restaurants. The beer/food scene is so fun here, we are really going to miss it! And also, thank goodness we will be out of here before summer because it’s already getting into the 80’s during the day and I can’t handle it.

Oh baby – Baby J and I are very into this CD. It’s so perfect for spring. And is also music for kids that’s not annoying. Win!

Where have you been all my life? – I started using bronzer and want to know what I was doing with my life before? It’s so nice! And a sun-kissed glow that is conducive to my heavy SPF use!

Unpopular opinions – Dirty Dancing Havana Nights is better than the original. I first saw Havana Nights as a teenager and loved it and I guess I’ve been building up the original in my mind for years. So I finally got around to watching it and was disappointed. Havana Nights is better.

Looking ahead – Spring is my favorite time of year, and I’m feeling like this one is going to be especially fun! We’re so excited to be back in Michigan, and I can’t wait to show you our new place! 

Happy spring!


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