The Duplex!

We are back in Michigan! We’ve been chipping away at the unpacking and getting settled, which is feeling like it will take a thousand years with a mobile baby, but in the meantime, come take a look around our newest rental!

This is a duplex, which technically I guess our last rental was, too, but it was an up/down split which felt more apartment-y. This is a side by side split, which just feels more duplex-y. So we are dubbing this The Duplex.

Here it is in all of its move-in day glory. Please excuse the smart phone pictures and aggressive lighting. I was dodging movers and trying to document rooms before they became booby trapped with boxes.

Okay so this place has finishes that are very blank-slate and scream RENTAL to me and I am excited about this! The Apartment had an old southern feel, which was so pretty in an architectural, fixer-upper kind of way, but didn’t really go with our style and was sort of overpowering. Here, rooms are waiting for some type of style to be imparted on them.

Other things I am excited about:

  • Being on the second floor! This was one of the things on my wish list. I love feeling tall and also do not like sleeping on ground level.
  • Big window in the kitchen. And white cabinets!
  • 1.5 bathrooms.
  • CARPET! I’m excited about the carpet in the upstairs bedrooms/main room, but will also tell you that I’ve found myself missing the warm, natural look of our apartment’s hardwoods. I guess I should invent carpet that looks like hardwood? No, wait. Stop.
  • Second living area downstairs where the piano easily fits. The piano most recently lived in a storage unit because there was no way to get it up the stairs in the apartment. It’s good to have it back!
  • Big main room upstairs – It feels sort of open concept and I think it will be a fun furniture arrangement challenge for me.
  • Private back yard – Didn’t even know this was possible for a duplex! We missed an entire summer of grilling last year, so we have a lot to make up for. Heavy back yard usage is expected!
  • Storage space – The closets here are huge and there are lots of them! This is a nice change after the apartment which was built in the 1890’s when people apparently owned 3 articles of clothing and needed 1 foot of closet space.
  • Attached garage – Okay so just the fact that I no longer need to cross a busy street in a shady neighborhood to get to my car feels LUXURY. An attached garage is seriously the dream.

Welcome! We’re excited to start making this place look like ours!


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