Root Vegetable Storage

Wood crates for vegetable storage

Hold on to your hats for THE MOST EXCITING PRODUCT.

Okay, so not really. 

I am sometimes tempted to think that I’m still just transitioning to adulthood. Then something like root vegetable storage comes up and my excitement level about it proves that the transition, in fact, is complete: I’m a full-fledged grown up.

Wood crates for vegetable storage

My point is, I’m excited about this. And if you’re looking for a solution to your root vegetable storage woes, you might be excited about it, too.

In our last house, we didn’t have a pantry, but had a lot of cabinet storage. I quickly grew accustomed to this and completely took it for granted. So I was more than a little perplexed when we moved into our current apartment and had approximately half the cabinet space. Where was all of my STUFF gonna go?

And root vegetables prove themselves to be one of the more difficult things to find a place for. They aren’t supposed to go in the refrigerator. They aren’t supposed to be too hot. They aren’t supposed to get too much sunlight. Oh, and they should be in a breathable container. 

Demanding little suckers, aren’t they?

How to store root vegetables

Plus, I had a personal preference to add to the list: I needed my root veggie stash to be visible. In our previous kitchen, we kept our potatoes and onions out of sight in a cabinet. I cannot tell you the number of times I went to the grocery store and thought we definitely have onions and then didn’t buy any, only to get home and find I had one onion to get through to the next week’s grocery trip!

Or (possibly worse), I would buy a bag of onions just in case, and get home to find a cabinet so full of onions, the new ones couldn’t even fit.

So I needed a container that would give me an easy visual of our supply.

I was dedicated to finding the perfect storage solution, but also was feeling the pressure to do so quickly because our vegetable supply was growing and, with nowhere to put them, I just kept them in their grocery bag.

Potatoes in grocery bag on floor


But, I found the most perfect container at Target! 

Stackable crates for produce storage

These are actually sold to hold kids’ toys, (which I would gladly repurpose them for one day), but they have solved all of my root veggie storage issues! 

Here are the main things I am loving about them: 

  • They’re a really pretty natural wood! I really like having them visible in the kitchen because they just look good.
  • They are stackable. Since we don’t have a plethora of space in our kitchen, this was a biggie! It saves so much space being able to store them vertically. Plus, I am really liking the way it looks.
  • They’re front-access. This makes it so easy to grab whatever I need, and to see when we need to replenish.
  • They’re the perfect size. I buy potatoes in at least a 5-pound bag, so I need a decent size container to hold them! These are big enough that I don’t think I will ever need to worry about running out of room. (Target also sells a larger size if you need even more space!)

We currently have these containers sitting on top of the fridge, which I think will work well because that area doesn’t get much sunlight. We are using one for onions/garlic, and the other for potatoes. 

Above-fridge storage

Now that I have these two and know how much I like them, I am tempted to get a couple more to stack beside them to keep the other produce we don’t refrigerate (bananas, avocados, apples, clementines…). 

So excited to have these for peak root veggie season!

Don’t even care how adult that makes me sound. 

Do you also get this excited about storage solutions? (Please, tell me I’m not the only one!) Tell me your best/most helpful solutions, because they really make a huge difference, and I am hooked!


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