Summer 2019 Coffee Date

What are you doing today? Drinking coffee with me and dishing about stuff? GOOD!

If you’re new here, this is a seasonal post where I tell you all the things I need to tell you that haven’t come up in our regularly scheduled food/home posts. Like we’re real-life friends getting coffee together and catching up. And there is so much I need to tell you! Get an extra big coffee/cold brew/tea/whatever is currently calling your name and let’s discuss!

what we’re watching – we’ve been going through a New Girl phase which means Josh has had to daily talk me down from getting blunt bangs. Every time I so much as look at Zooey Deschanel I want her bangs. In college (my initial New Girl kick), I gave in and got them. HUGE MISTAKE. I rocked them as a 5-year-old but somehow it did not translate into adulthood. 

Perhaps I need a barrette?

But still after every episode I think, maybe they would look good this time?? Please talk me out of it.

duplex things – does it feel like there has been a huge lag in duplex updates? That’s how it feels to me. My checkbox-minded self forgets that even small projects have lots of steps and take time. Once, in a college French class, my professor spent all 50 minutes lecturing on the phrase petit a petit l’oiseau fait son nid (little by little the bird makes its nest). I liked it then and I love it now. Things move slowly, but something is being built. 

oh babyI have this problem with baby clothes. They start out very cute with neutral animals and soft colors, and then your baby becomes a toddler and all you have to work with are dump trucks and dinosaurs in aggressive colors. Ever on the hunt for non-obnoxious baby clothes, I have found my ideal pajamas. They are super soft and fit for a long time because they are not footed. I love their solid colored pajamas, but they also have patterned ones that are cute and of the mostly non-obnoxious variety.

shark tank idea – my razor broke 1/3 of the way up the handle a few months ago. It didn’t break all the way through – it has the rubber gripper strip along the top, and that is still in tact. Rather than buy a new one, I just kept using it, and have found it to be so ergonomic and easy to handle. The head is ultra-flexible and can bend all over! Someone please market this. I know it’s only a matter of time before it breaks all the way through. And then what? Do I buy a new one and try to break it? I’m worried my broken razor is irreplaceable.  

organization station – a label maker has recently entered my life and NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS could I have imagined how much I would use it. The things I can label now! I wanted this one for its retro-looking labels and its $10(!) price tag, but my target didn’t have it in store and my impatience to have a label maker RIGHT THEN made me spend an extra $7 for this one. It is very good.

unpopular opinions even-numbered Harry Potters are better than the odd-numbered ones (**books only, not movies). My personal ranking is 2-4-6-1-3-7-5. Please weigh in.

celebrate the seasons – summertime is growing season and I have high hopes. Since my snake plant (from Januaryish) is still alive, I think I am ready to graduate to plants that need actual tending to. Please stay tuned for a (likely) long post from a (completely) unqualified person about potted herb gardens!

where have you been all my life?this rain jacket is getting me through life. I stopped wearing a rain jacket when I grew out of my very reliable duck one when I was sixish. (complete with a duck bill).  Since then, I’ve avoided getting another because it seemed like such an unnecessary purchase. It would rain and I would think, mandy, you NEED to get a rain jacket, but then it would be a sunny day when it was time to pull the trigger and spend actual money, so it seemed unnecessary. I finally had more than .5 seconds of foresight and splurged on this one from Target. LIFE CHANGING. It has made rainy spring/summer days far less wet. And also gets bonus points for being a cute jacket in its own right.


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