A Potted Herb Garden

I am no master gardener. I like to see myself as playing the long game to a flourishing vegetable and flower garden in a picturesque greenhouse in our one-day backyard. But for now, we are renting. And while I usually don’t let my renter-status stop me from doing things, cultivating a full-fledged garden does toe the line for me. So pots are my answer! They are portable and we can take them with us wherever we go next.

And herbs! They are my gateway plant to things like cucumbers and pumpkins. I am into them not only for their pot-friendliness, but also because they make summer food for me. And if you plan on using a lot of fresh herbs in your cooking, it’s a good idea to just grow your own. Lest you risk going bankrupt buying the packages of fresh herbs at your grocery store every time you need them. They are expensive!

My main resource for all things herb garden is this book. I bought it at a cutesy shop on our honeymoon, and crack it open every year, even if I have no intention of growing anything. It is pretty to look at, and so helpful. It walks you through all things herbs – from herb selection, to how to plant, to what to cook with your herbs, to how to store them for the winter. It even has an “herb catalog” which breaks down all the different types and varieties of herbs. I do zero googling in the gardening department – only referring to this book.

Here is our herb lineup this year, and my plans for them:

  • Basil: pasta, pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Maybe some bruschetta. Then pasta again.
  • Rosemary: roasted meats, potatoes, compound butters, and very possibly breads!
  • Thyme: more roasted meats and vegetables, quiche.
  • Mint: mojitos, mint chocolate chip ice cream, salads.

Happy growing season!


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