Fall Mantel

Whie Pumpkin Fall Decor

Can we talk about when it’s acceptable to pull out fall decorations? The popular opinions seem to be: 

  • after Labor Day
  • once the weather starts to feel like fall
  • when the calendar says it’s fall
  • when college football starts
  • when Starbucks starts selling the PSL again
  • after October 1st
  • when the leaves start to change
  • OR whenever you darn well please.

I have historically been a strict calendar-follower, but have decided to be in the “whenever you darn well please” camp this year. I’m excited about all the fall things, and am especially excited about the mantel in our new apartment, so why wait?

Neutral Fall Mantel

I am into celebrating the seasons, but am not about spending a lot of money to get the “it’s fall!” message across.

So, this fall mantel is composed entirely of things I already had.

Clock above Mantel

Real pumpkins always trump fake ones in my book, but these are 100% plastic. I couldn’t find any real ones last year when shopping for fall decor. On the plus side, plastic pumpkins last way longer!

As a PSA – if you are in the market for mini pumpkins – I just saw a lot of them (including white ones) for $0.69/pumpkin at Trader Joe’s. (Quickly becoming my favorite store.)

Whie Pumpkin Fall Decor
Silver Candlestick Holders (similar) | Large Topiary (similar) | Small Topiary | Glass Votive Candle Holders (similar)

On a related note, do we have strong feelings about white pumpkins? I am definitely not a hater, but don’t think I love them as much as orange pumpkins. Someday I hope to formulate a strong opinion about this. For now, I think white pumpkins have their place, and am liking these ones on the mantel for a neutral fall feel. As the season progresses, I may end up swapping them out for more traditional mini pumpkins/gourds. 

Farmhouse Fall Mantel

The boxwood topiaries are from Target, and I use them all year long! I feel like green is always in season, and these are honestly just the cutest, I don’t know that I could handle putting them away seasonally. 

White candles are another thing I think work all year long: They look fresh and clean for summertime, and give the perfect mood lighting for the cooler months.

Fall is officially in full swing at the Jackson household. I cannot get enough of this fireplace, and can’t wait to change up the mantel for all of the seasons!

Simple Fall Mantel



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